Sunday, January 8, 2012

Whew! What.a.week! Last Saturday night, New Years Eve, we bought a new car!! We bought a '12 Ford Explorer...I had a moment of insanity and went car shopping...bad idea, I should NEVER go car shopping! Then on Sunday morning, Matt woke up not feeling well and then the stomach virus arrived at our house with full force. By Sunday afternoon, I had the vomitting and we were both sick as dogs.

By Monday, we were both feeling better and just spent the day recouperating. The rest of the week was absolutley insane and with me being on my Follistim injections for this IUI cycle, I was a wreck. I fought anxiety all week long and by Thursday night, I was just about ready to go the ER thinking I was having a heart attack! Hormones are NuTs!!

I went yesterday for my 2nd monitoring appt for this cycle, and I had several good follicles still, but needed one more night of injections and so tonight, I get to wake my mom up at midnight to give me my HCG trigger shot and then I am scheduled for my IUI's on Tuesday and Wednesday. I am praying with everything I have in me that it works this time!!

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