Friday, August 3, 2012

16 weeks

Gender – unsure still, will find out in two weeks!
Weight Gain – Down 1 pound
Cravings – Pickles!! And Salt. Everything tastes like it needs more salt! A couple days ago, I stopped at a BBQ place to get my dad some food and the cashier was eating a pickle. And I said “oh, I love pickles. I am pregnant and crave them all the time” so he told them to give me a pint of pickles!! So nice, such a smart boy!! ;)
Movement – felt a little “rolling” in my abdomen on Wednesday, 8/1/12. When I went for my appt yesterday, right where the doctor found the heartbeat is where I felt the “rolling”, so I’m pretty sure that was baby. :D
Clothes – I can still wear some of my normal clothes, but where the button hits, is pretty tender, so I do wear some maternity capri’s and shorts. I also have several maternity tops that I’ve been wearing, cause I’ve waited a long time to be able to do so! Ha!
Best moment – Feeling the movement and we had to fill out a Health screening survey at work and it asked “Are you currently pregnant?” and I got to answer YES!!! Also, as weird as it sounds, making my first pre-payment on my delivery yesterday was pretty awesome!