Friday, September 2, 2011

Catch up!

Whew! Its been 3 weeks since I posted! Here's a little about whats been happening at the Simon household....

August 15th I turned the big 29! Holy cow, where did the time go?!?!
August 22nd-I had my follow up appt after my surgery and we got to go over the plan for getting a baby! Dr. B started me on Progesterone since I hadn't had my cycle since June 21st. I began Progesterone that night and took it for 7 days. Once my cycle started, I was instructed to call Mary Catherine, his nurse. She called me in Clomid to begin taking day 3 and continue through day 7. I was also scheduled for an endometrial biopsy to be done on day 24 of my cycle. The biopsy will show if the Clomid actually made me ovulate as that is all the Dr believes is my problem at this point. Since I take Glumetza for the PCOS and had my endo lasered, if he can get me to ovulating, I should be fine. If the biospy shows that the Clomid didn't work, we'll begin Follistim injections the next month, if the biopsy did show I ovulated, then i'll just continue on it for a couple more months and if I don't get pregnant on that, we'll switch to the Follistim. Whew!

So today I am taking my last pill of 50mg Clomid. I have had hot flashes galore, but haven't much felt like doing bodily harm to anyone, so thats a good thing!! HA! My biopsy is in two weeks and I am already nervous about that, but I know it'll all be okay. I trust my doctor completely and I am willing to do whatever it takes to have a child.

So we get a long 3 day weekend!! Yay! i am a little sad that we aren't going camping this Labor day weekend, but it has just been way to hot to be sleeping outdoors and sweating on purpose! Miss thang will have gymnastics tomorrow and then as soon as that is over, we're heading to the lake for the day with Nana and Papa and all Haylei's cousins!!

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