Saturday, August 13, 2011


It is so nice to be home relaxing on this lovely, Saturday evening! I've had quite the busy week at work and then today we had gymnastics and a birthday party! At gymnastics, Haylei is learning her routine that she'll do for the Coweta Fall Festival in September!! They are dancing to The Lion King! We weren't allowed to go upstairs and watch their practice today, so I don't know their moves to be able to work with her at home, but they did give us the words to the song written out, becuase the girls need to know the words, so we have homework! After gymnastics, we came home and had lunch and rested for a bit before we went to a coworker's son's birthday party. All morning long, Haylei asked if it was time to go to Maffew's birthday~she's never even met him before, but was quite excited to go!! HA! 

We had dinner with my dad at the Fish Shack, it was yummy as always! We went to his house after and Hay had lots of fun pestering him. She kept getting in his recliner and tell me "ask(tell)him to move" "ask(tell)him no." She has ask and tell confused this week! I forgot, once we left gymnastics, she was highly upset about someone, not sure if it was the extra teacher at gym or a kid, but she kept saying "she's a meanie, I don't like her now, she's meanie". So I asked her what this person said and she said "them a meanie now". She was bobbing her head around giving attitude and I couldn't quit laughing! She's such a nut!!

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