Friday, August 5, 2011

Surgery day

Today is the day I have my laparoscopy to check to see if I have Endometriosis. Dr. B seems to think I probably do have it, so if I do, he'll have a laser on stand-by to zap out what he can. And then when I go back to see him at my followup he'll let me know if I have to do Lupron injections. I am praying so hard this morning, that I will not have it and my uterus will be clear!! I have faith that it will be a good report. Yesterday I spent the day getting prepared for today and this weekend, since I'll be sore and not able to get out and about in the 120 degree heat (ha!). I went and got groceries, a pedicure, something new and comfy to wear home today and then last night  I got to do what so many people would be jealous of....I got to do a bowel prep! Whoohoo!!! NOT! The first few glasses I thought, "Hey, I can do this!", but by the 5th glass I was gagging and sputtering! It was awful! I don't think it was that the salty taste was quite so bad, but it was the shear volume of liquid I was trying to drink. I was never so happy to down that last glass and throw that dad-gum bottle away!!!

My mom, step-dad, hubby and my sister's kids and My sweet Haylei are all going to the hospital with me and take care of me!! I am so glad that I'll have them all out there. :)

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