Monday, March 5, 2012


So here I sit again, the morning of one of my final IUI's(I have to do one tomorrow too). I feel a little at peace, but scared also. It took a lot of praying and soul searching to know if I even wanted to give this one last shot. So here I am, 13 days after giving my self shots in the legs and I'm ready to be done with it. I went to my RE on Saturday for my US and I have two really good follicles, one on each ovary and they both measured at a 19, so I was ready to trigger that night. I went to my momma's house at 10:30pm, which is different, because normally I do my trigger shot at midnight, and she gave me my shot in the bootie, OUCH! I've just really tried to focus on the fact that God knows what He's doing...He knows all my tomorrows and what they contain, but I still get anxious at times. My lifelong dream has always been to have kids, growing up and in high school, everyone said that I would be the one with 10 kids! Ha! But here I sit, 29 and 1/2, and no children. That thought scares the crap outta me. Well, thats all for now, gotta get ready to go to the clinic.

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