Tuesday, October 25, 2011

dr's appt

I just got home from a doctors appt...boy those things wear you out! He did an internal ultrasound to check to see if ovaries were "suppressed" and YAY! they were!! So we laid out the game plan! I have to take a BC pill tonight and then one tomorrow night...hopefully start a cycle on Monday, 10/31. If I do start a cycle that day, I'll also begin Follistim 75 IUI's that night as well. I have a return appt on 11/7 to go in a get another U/S and blood work...the goal is to do the IUI on the 17th or 18th!!! They want it to be done before Thanksgiving!! I am beyond THRILLED!! I likely won't sleep at all for the next 3 weeks! HA! His nurse gave me her cell phone # to call or text with any questions...i guess she's dealt with the crazy, hormonal people before!! HA! So thats all the news i have to report!

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