Thursday, July 26, 2012


I just wanted to take a minute or two to remember some things about my sweet Haylei. She is growing by leaps and bounds, not just height wise, but maturity and just being a little girl.

She is SO caring and sweet. A couple of Sundays ago, we were sitting out on the front porch, while it was still cool enough to do so. She was playing and decided she needed a drink. So, she went inside to get a drink. She had been gone for a few minutes when I finally heard her coming out the door; she came out three bottles of water, one for Matt, one for me and one for herself. Is it just me or is that not the sweetest thing!???

This past Friday, we stopped at Sonic to get something to eat, well they only gave us one peppermint, and Haylei loves those, so I of course gave it to her, she then looked up at Matt and asked him if he wanted one, I told her there weren’t any more, just that one. So she asked him if he wanted half of it. Seriously…SWEET!!

She is really working on writing her name. I wrote it on her paper and she wrote it out underneath, I did help her with the “e” but that’s it. It’s so cute, because she sometimes gets her letters all jumbled up and not in the right order.

I took her to Urgent Care last Thursday night because she had strep throat, and she weighed 33 pounds fully dressed!!

I just cannot believe she starts school in less than a month. Someone is going to have to give this Auntie a sedative to survive this! I have just been praying that God will watch over her and protect her coming and going. I’ve been working with her on grooming habits, so that she is sure to have her face washed and hair brushed every morning before she goes to school, since I cannot be there to make sure it’s done for her. She is so mature that I am sure she’ll do fine and I know she’ll thrive in the school environment, just praying I survive it!!!

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