Wednesday, April 4, 2012

new plans

I went and saw Dr. Bundren today just for a regrouping consult...he said that he'd like me to go see an Endocrinologist and get on some injectable medications used for diabetics, in hopes that it will help me lose the weight needed to do IVF in the fall. He told me the optimal weight for doing IVF is between 120-200 pounds, any more or less than that and you dramatically decrease your chances. He told me my PCOS is pretty bad and that the Metformin alone just isn't cutting it. He also said that with the amount of Follistim I was one, along with okay sperm count numbers, that after 3 trys with IUI I should have gotten pregnant and so now it is time for IVF. I am still so excited and hopeful. So now I just have to get an appt with the Endo doctor and hopefully get on the right track. I have been doing Weight Watchers for two weeks now and have only lost 2.4 pounds, he said it should NOT be that hard for me to lose weight, he was pleased that I'd lost and kept off about 15 pounds since summer but it should be more than that. So, I guess we'll see how that goes.

In other news...we are moving right along with getting certified for adoption through Cherokee Nation. Matt just got his physical today and I am scheduled for mine on Monday. We finished up our pre-service training last week and passed our test, we turned in all our paperwork and got fingerprints as well last week. So now, I'm just trying to baby proof our house and wait to be assigned to a caseworker and get our homestudy scheduled. Like I told Matt today, I am NOT ready to give up on being pregnant and giving birth just yet. I just want to work on losing weight while working on getting certified and then if IVF doesn't work or we can't get the financing for it, then we'll be ready for adoption. Surprisingly, my heart feels very open to both. So that is all that is new in our world!

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